What happened to Archer Airguns?

What happened to Archer Airguns? Are they still around? Are they even driving and operating their business? No doubt they are still in business because you can view the display of entire rifles on their official website, but on a closer look at their page, you would certainly think that the Archer Airguns are either inactive or have discontinued their line.

Archer Airguns Inc is the owner of both www.archerairguns.com and Hard Air Magazine. The renowned air rifle market provides approved and licensed Chinese airguns. They also offer high-quality spare parts, accessories, scopes, sights, pellets, and traps to enhance the features on their select airguns at a fair price. The Archer Airguns QB78 “Family Workshop Manual” provides all the necessary information you will need to fit the spare parts kits to your airgun.

Furthermore, Archer Airguns is certified as “The Official QB78 Family Website” by the producer of the Shanghai Air Gun Factory. Archer Airguns additionally offers a wide variety of services that assist in providing their customers with even more adequate shooting experience. It is, therefore, the preferred choice of a market for all your QB78 family airgun demands.

So what happened to Archer Airguns?

The answer to this question is that Archer Airguns launched their new official website on Tuesday, 10th May 2016. The new webpage sported a new and improved look to provide their customers with a much better viewing and fascinating shopping experience. This unique and innovative look enables the users to browse the impeccable air rifles through their smartphone, tablet or PCs.

What happened to archer airguns

Even though the current web site, www.archerairguns.com has a new look, the Archer Airguns crew laboured hard to retain the primary structure of the former website intact. Therefore, the existing, as well as the new buyers, should find it easier to surf the webpage since everything remains in the same spot as before.

On the computer desktop version, you will notice that the “Product Categories” menu remains in its original place placed vertically on the extreme left side of the page, with the related set of options as the previous one. Smartphone and tablet users will see the “Menu” box that they can click to access the associated preferences like the old website.

To make things more clearly to you, you should know that the new website includes the following:

  • It still is Archer Airguns, and still owned by Archer Airguns Inc.
  • The newly launched website has the same products in a similar organised structure as the old website.
  • The new and improved website still has the same “industrial strength” security and shopping cart modes.
  • The new site continues to process all orders previously featured on the old website.
  • The current website maintains all existing User Accounts.
  • The latest website continues to accept credit card and PayPal payments securely.

Thus, the Archer Airguns professionals have given a lot of time, money, and effort to build the new, contemporary site. The company provided all this to help the customers to have a higher shopping experience, particularly for tablet and cellphone users.